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Who are we?

Well, we are a ton of things but in a nut shell, Story in Motion is an Atlanta based videography company specialized in storytelling. Compelling visuals with artfully crafted camera movements is our thing. Typing, not so much. For a better sense of who we are and what we do, we suggest getting in contact with us. But first, check out our Demo Reel below. 


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Demo Reel - 2017



Real Estate

There is no better way to show off a beautiful home you are selling than to immerse your viewers into a beautiful video that takes them on a tour of the property. Highlight the intricate details and design with a custom video that will give your viewer a sense of being in the home. 


Of all the stories you will tell, this is the one you will want to relive again and again. We'd enjoy sitting down with you and your other half to hear about how life brought you two together and the story of your love. This is what guides us in capturing and telling the beautiful story that is your wedding day. 



Behind every business is a story. Sometimes that story is of a new product you are launching and are needing to inform your customers. Other times you want to increase your brand's presence. We understand the value of visual content that speaks directly to your customers and want to help you create just that.


Why story in Motion?

The simple answer is passion. We have a deep yerning to tell the best stories we possibly can and that comes through in our work. 


What we use

Currently we are shooting on 4k Mirrorless cameras. We also use a DJI drones for ariel work and GoPro for times we need a shot from a precarious camera position.